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Who is behind Phrozen SAS

Jean-Pierre LESUEUR

  • Lead Full Stack Developer
  • IT Security Researcher
  • IT Consulting

Founder of Phrozen Software ™, a French company located in the historic town of Maisons Laffitte, a residential suburb in the west of Paris.

Jean-Pierre Lesueur is a self-taught Full Stack developer, specializing in web design and application development, as well as software development for Microsoft Windows, both high- and low-level. Jean-Pierre Lesueur is also a researcher in computer security, and is particularly fascinated by the design and improvement of today's Malware in order to anticipate their evolutions and better understand them to better fight them. His personal quest is to make the computer world more secure. Do not hesitate to contact him via LinkedIn.

His Microsoft applications are mostly developed in Delphi. Although there are more fashionable languages today, his opinion is that the Delphi is and will remain one of the best languages to develop stable, light and fast applications. This language allows the development of both low-level applications and high-level applications, which makes it a perfect ally to his vision of developing very high quality applications.

Moreover, this language requires no dependency, unlike most other languages. This partly explains its robustness. By default, Delphi uses the Visual Component Library (VCL) as the graphical engine that uses standard Windows components.

In order to offer its customers such a modern interface, he had to develop and imagine his own visual component engine using only native code. This engine has been designed from scratch, without any other framework that allows it to offer even more modern components inspired by the visual work of Google Material as well as Twitter Bootstrap by bringing his personal touch while preserving the incredible lightness and speed of his programs.

That's why the design of his applications retains their exact properties from Windows XP through the latest version of Windows.

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