Winja 7

Yet another version of Winja is released with one major functionality added and a few medium and minor changes too.

The major functionality to be present in v7 is a new Extra Tools feature called “File Monitor” which shows in the form of an ordered tree list all the files that are getting updated or created in your system (In real time)

For example, if Malware gets executed on your system and copies itself, or copies a variant of itself in another directory, this feature will be able to highlight this behavior and let you send the sample to VirusTotal.

Another example is if the Malware infects a file (Like a virus does), it will also be highlighted by the File Monitor.

Another change in v7 is the ability to scan a folder(s) through Microsoft Windows Explorer contextual menu. A lot of Winja users asked to see this feature ...


Winja 6.0

Winja v6.0 now released with two big changes and few minor changes.

This new update includes an experimental feature for detecting Webcam usage. When a Webcam is detected as being used, it will optionally show a notification and/or submit the detected process automatically to VirusTotal Servers.

This function is useful for detecting potential Spyware which could use your Webcam device without letting you know.

This could be seen as an alternative to using a piece of tape on your Camera device.

Another big change is the updated version of Phrozen Engine which now includes a better Window Rendering Engine with smooth corners and less flicky/glitchy than before. The maturity of this Engine increases every day to always provide a better UI experience, which is very rare on most common Microsoft Windows Applications.

The items list has been updated to be even friendlier, with nice colors to see ...


Windows File Tools v1.0 The continuity of Windows File Monitor

Because of huge demand from our community, as promised we finally created a new version of Windows File Monitor now called “Windows File Tools”.

It was recorded from scratch for better stability and performance.

The principle is the same as before, it will monitor file activities in real time by generating a user-friendly tree of events.

Activities (also called events) supported:

  • File creation
  • File modification
  • File deletion
  • Folder creation
  • Folder modification
  • Folder deletion
  • File/Folder attributes update
  • File Update
  • Folder Update

It is possible to configure multiple optional filters:

  • Filter for specific events
  • Filter for specific paths to monitor (optionally recursively)
  • Filter for specific file extensions (white list mode)
  • Blacklist specific paths (including subdirectories)

The file monitor works from Windows XP to the latest Windows 10 build — 32 and 64 bit.

It requires administrative rights and also supports French as demanded by our French community.

The future of Windows File ...


Merry Christmas

May the peace and blessings of Christmas be yours and may the coming year be filled with happiness and success.


Winja 5.0 finally released

This version required a lot of time to be ready for release, mostly because of a lack of time. Winja and other freeware have low priority for development and coding. For the last two years, I’ve been overwhelmed by other projects for my company. To be more productive, I have created two large frameworks which are now tested on Winja:

  • Phrozen Engine: A set of modern visual components which reproduce several options offered by the famous CSS through Browser Graphical Engine. Phrozen Engine is mostly coded using GDI/GDI+ and Direct2D. Since they are native, applications don’t require any additional frameworks to be run, and are produced lightweight.
  • Phrozen System: A set of components that interact directly with the system (User Level) and graft to the Phrozen Engine.

For the moment, only three big components have been used and tested: VirusTotal Uploader, Networking Process and HTTP Transmission (Download ...