• A bug fix has been implemented for the execution of shell commands. All commands should now execute without causing the entire application to hang.
  • Protocol version checking between the Command and Control (C2) and Agent(s) has been incorporated. If a protocol version mismatch is detected, the agent will be disregarded by the C2.

The release of version "3.0 Final" signifies the culmination of this project. I will not be adding any further features; the objective of this PoC was to demonstrate the creation of a reliable and secure C2 utilizing FTP(S). You're encouraged to develop your own version with tailored functionalities. As an exercise, you might consider implementing multi-threading tasking to prevent the application from hanging during long-duration tasks.

I will, however, continue to provide support for the project in terms of addressing potential bugs or opportunities for optimization.

9 months, 3 weeks ago