New code snippet that demonstrate how to automatically detect code caves in Microsoft Windows PE Files.

It is then possible to inject a shellcode in located code-cave (optionally encrypted) and redirect PE file entrypoint to shellcode.

This was a common technique used by old school viruses to inject other applications and self-replicate.

Available commands:

  • -f / --file : Valid PE File location (Ex: /path/to/calc.exe).
  • -p / --payload : Shellcode Payload (Example: "\x01\x02\x03…\x0a").
  • -x / --encrypt : Encrypt main section (entry point section).
  • -k / --encryption-key : Define custom encryption key (1 Byte only).
  • -c / --cave-opcodes : Define code opcode list to search for.
  • -s / --cave-min-size : Minimum size of region to be considered as code cave.
  • -e / --egg : Define a custom egg name (ESP Restore Mechanism).

3 years, 6 months ago