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Assignment N°5 - Shellcode Analyzing / Dissecting 15 Jun 2020

Assignment Goals (SLAE-1530)

  • Take up at least 3 shellcode samples created using Msfpayload for Linux/x86.

  • Use GDB/Ndisasm/Libemu to dissect the functionality of the shellcode.

  • Present your analysis.

Shellcode Candidates

We will use Msfvenom from Metasploit Framework to generate three different payloads for Linux x86-32.

We can easily enumerate payloads for this architecture and operating system using the following command:

local@user:$ msfvenom -l payloads | grep "linux/x86"

We decided to use the three following payloads:

  1. linux/x86/read_file
  2. linux/x86/chmod
  3. linux/x86/exec