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Assignment N°2 - Reverse Shell (NASM) 12 Jun 2020

Assignment Goals (SLAE-1530)

1) Create a TCP Reverse Shellcode for Linux x86-32.

2) The port number should be easily configurable.

3) The IP address should be easily configurable.

3) Bonus if getting referenced in exploit-db or shell-storm.

TCP Reverse Shell Principle

In first exercise we learnt how to create our own TCP Bindshell shellcode using few syscalls (socketcall(), dup2() and execve()).

A reverse shell is almost identical to a classic bindshell, this time instead of having a shellcode that listen for new clients, we will create a shellcode that will connect back to a remote server.

Fortunately, on Linux by default, we do not have any restrictions to manage sockets in client mode.