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Local version

You can find another variant of this program which doesn't requires Networking function and also compatible with any application like Netcat, Telnet etc... here : (RunAsAttached)[]

RunAsAttached (Local) version is more stable.

The goal of Networked version was to demonstrate inter-process communication using Socket programming.

RunAsAttached (Networked) - 32bit / 64bit

RunAsAttached is a program to run a console as another user and keep new console attached to caller console. Support reverse shell mode (Ex: Netcat)


RunAs Attached (Local) - 32bit / 64bit

RunAsAttached is a program to locally run a new terminal as another user without spawning a new console window.

Very useful during Penetration Tests to escalate as another user without while having an initial shell.

It mimic the "su" program from UNIX systems but for Windows (natively)