RunAsAttached (Networked)

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You can find a complete version of the project that is described in this paper on my Github account.

Local version

You can find another variant of this program which doesn't requires Networking function and also compatible with any application like Netcat, Telnet etc... here : (RunAsAttached)[]

RunAsAttached (Local) version is more stable.

The goal of Networked version was to demonstrate inter-process communication using Socket programming.

RunAsAttached (Networked) - 32bit / 64bit

RunAsAttached is a program to run a console as another user and keep new console attached to caller console. Support reverse shell mode (Ex: Netcat)



  • First release


  • Major bug fixed when using Netcat / Telnet etc..
  • Stability improved


Unlike on UNIX based systems, on Microsoft Windows you can't run command as another user without spawning a new process then a new console window.

This is quite annoying while doing Penetration Testing but not only!

This application is a "hack" to run a new console attached to callers console. This is one method to achieve that goal.

This method is using Client / Server architecture to communicate between two processes. By default it will create a local server (listening on localhost and random port above 50 000) but you can decided to connect back to another address/port (Ex: a Netcat listener)


It is a beta release, it is working fine, but many things requires some optimization including:

  • Networking: This is the first technique that comes to my mind for different reasons, I will dig more about a better way. The main issue encoutered is related to disconnection. If remote conection is unexpectly (dirty) closed, it may not know about that, this is mainly because of the way I designed how I handled both Stdout/Stderr and Networking. I have some good ideas to solve that issue. It is still considered as minor, could be annoying tho.

  • Argument Parsing: I will enhance the clarity of that part.

What you will learn

Even if you don't find useful this program, you may find some interesting piece of codes:

  • Winsock2 Programming
  • Global Mutex (Cross Users)
  • Threading
  • Windows API
  • Pipes

Written the May 22, 2020, 2:36 p.m. by Jean-Pierre LESUEUR

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