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RunAs (Microsoft Windows) - 32bit / 64bit.

This program is an example about how to easily run any programs as any user.



  • -u <username> : Launch program as defined username.
  • -p <password> : Password associated to username account.
  • -e <program> : Executable path (Ex: notepad.exe).


  • -d <domain_name> : Optional domain name (default %USERDOMAIN% environment variable value) for user authentication.
  • -a` : Arguments to pass to executable.
  • -h : Run program without showing window. (Hidden mode)


Target program must be accessible by target user otherwise you will receive an Access Denied Error(5). It is recommended to place target program in a folder accessible by any users such as "C:\ProgramData".

Written the May 18, 2020, 2:45 p.m. by Jean-Pierre LESUEUR

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