Our Solutions

Windows Privacy Tweaker 3.0.2 Update

Windows 10 by far the most functional, ergonomic, and secure Windows version ever released and we seriously advise our users to upgrade to the OS. Unfortunately, Win 10 still includes the probes built into Windows operating systems since Win 7 that collect data to improve user experience and ease of use. We consider these probes not just annoying, but intrusive, so we designed this utility to safely disable them. It also includes rollback capability in case you change your mind.

Winja 4.1.2 Update

Winja is a lightweight but powerful tool for discovering malware hiding on your system. Winja allows you to scan any file or process with the Google VirusTotal Multi Engine Scanner and also provides deeper analysis using the advanced application inspection (AAI) system to hunt down and eliminate malware.

RunPE Detector 2.0 Update

RunPE Detector is a new concept we invented for near-100% detection of malware mounted in your system’s memory. Hackers use the RunPE process to evade firewalls antivirus detection by hijacking legit processes. With RunPE Detector, you can uncover the malicious code and prevent it from further infecting your system.

Who Stalks My Cam 3.0 Update

Who Stalks My Cam is a small and efficient utility that detects applications that access your webcam. You can customize rules to block access or disable your webcam in the event of unauthorized access. You can also whitelist services that you trust to access your cameras.

Shortcut Scanner 1.0 New

Shortcut Scanner is a standalone and easy-to-use tool for scanning shortcuts and uncovering malware hiding inside Windows shortcuts. It also help you clean up broken shortcuts by removing them from your system.

ADS Revealer 1.0 New

ADS Revealer is a lightweight file scanning utility that uncovers malware that exploits Alternate Data Streams in NTFS file systems. With this technique, hackers can hide files store configuration files, deliver payloads, bloat hard drive space, etc. This tool reveals and defeats ADS exploits, which are difficult, if not impossible, to find with typical antivirus solutions.