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Windows File Tools v1.0 Logo
Windows File Tools v1.0

Windows File Tools is an application that focus on Microsoft Windows Files System. It provides utilities to enhance your user experience with a very user-friendly interface and help you to unmask possible security issues. Additional features may be regularly added during time. Actually, it supports “Windows File Monitor”.

RunAsAttached v1.0 Logo
RunAsAttached v1.0

This console application let you run any programs (including command line tools) as another Microsoft Windows User. The real benefit of this tool is the possibility to pass the user password directly in the command line. Another benefit is the possibility to spawn a new console attached to current console which makes it very useful for penetration testers.

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RunAsAttached Networked v1.0 Logo
RunAsAttached Networked v1.0

This console application is a variant of RunAsAttached application. The main difference is that it include a native reverse shell ability (Like a Netcat with an option to run a shell as another Microsoft Windows User). This tool is very appreciated by penetration testers.

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RunAs Logo

Tiny console application to run any application as another Microsoft Windows User. The serious advantage of this tool is the possibility to pass the user password directly to the command line (it doesn’t requires interactivity). Target application must be accessible by current user. Notice that this tool doesn’t attach application but rather open a new detached process. If you want to attach target process use RunAsAttached instead.

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Win Brute Logon v1.0 Logo
Win Brute Logon v1.0

This console application abuse from a certain Windows API to attempt cracking any local account password. Useful for penetration testers when anti-lockout rule is not present (not present by default).

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Winja 7.1 Logo
Winja 7.1

Winja is a lightweight but powerful tool for discovering malware hiding on your system. Winja allows you to scan any file or process with the Google VirusTotal Multi Engine Scanner and also provides deeper analysis using the advanced tools to hunt down and eliminate malware.