RunPE Detector

RunPE Detector is a new concept we invented for near-100% detection of malware mounted in your system’s memory. Hackers use the RunPE process to evade firewalls antivirus detection by hijacking legit processes. With RunPE Detector, you can uncover the malicious code and prevent it from further infecting your system.

Releases changelog

v2.0 — 24/04/2017 12:15

  • Sha1 : fd7ccee62d46e5e11cee1e64d2c9e4ad2896f313
  • Sha256 : 88de09dd4ed4a16d919a1ef26ac270c237e04743c4fd61aca423623beb8cec5a
  • Better PE file and memory analysis
  • Memory usage optimized
  • Threat unlocker improved