Winja 6.0

Winja v6.0 now released with two big changes and few minor changes.

This new update includes an experimental feature for detecting Webcam usage. When a Webcam is detected as being used, it will optionally show a notification and/or submit the detected process automatically to VirusTotal Servers.

This function is useful for detecting potential Spyware which could use your Webcam device without letting you know.

This could be seen as an alternative to using a piece of tape on your Camera device.

Another big change is the updated version of Phrozen Engine which now includes a better Window Rendering Engine with smooth corners and less flicky/glitchy than before. The maturity of this Engine increases every day to always provide a better UI experience, which is very rare on most common Microsoft Windows Applications.

The items list has been updated to be even friendlier, with nice colors to see at a glance which items need your full attention.

Another big change (especially for the French community) is the full support of French language as an alternative interface language (including for the Shell Extension).

Finally, the scan report list now mentions three distinct file detection statuses:

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2019/04/30 09:45 - Software Update