Winja 5.0 finally released

This version required a lot of time to be ready for release, mostly because of a lack of time. Winja and other freeware have low priority for development and coding. For the last two years, I’ve been overwhelmed by other projects for my company. To be more productive, I have created two large frameworks which are now tested on Winja:

For the moment, only three big components have been used and tested: VirusTotal Uploader, Networking Process and HTTP Transmission (Download).

I now strategically use the PPL (Parallel Programming Library) to enhance the multi-threading efficiency of work tasks.

The application is distributed as two standalone Windows PE executable releases: one for 32bit systems and another for 64bit systems.

Note: You can’t run a 32bit release on a 64bit system (it was intentionally blocked to ensure the best possible user experience. Winja has been optimized for the 64bit system). And, of course, you can’t run a 64bit release at all on a 32bit system.

I’m also pleased to announce that Winja is finally fully portable (standalone), so you don’t have to install any dependencies on your system.

This was done through a component I created (which is included in Phrozen System as well) that creates a virtual workspace for the application in local user APPDATA.

All the required DLL’s, data sources, fonts and data files are extracted and mounted directly from there.

This release focused exclusively on the following:

Future releases will focus on functionality.

Before going through the change log, I would like to clarify that you can no longer view scanning results graphically on Winja. Instead, you will now need to click on the target row or through the Popup Menu to open the VirusTotal link. This is neither a big issue nor a big change. The VirusTotal detail page is much more complete.

Of course, you still can see the detection ratio graphically through Winja from List View, History or Notifications.

I made the decision to carefully respect the VirusTotal API rules, and to not offend antivirus companies who provide very effective solutions.

I would also like to take this opportunity to remind my users that Winja is not an anti-malware/antivirus solution of any kind; it is simply a tool to help you focus on potential threats. I will never add removal functions to remove all ambiguity.

Having an up-to-date and active antivirus is essential.

Available Command Lines

--background: Run the program in background (Appear in system tray only)
--scan: Scan a list of files separated by a comma (ex: --scan=”file1.exe, file2.exe, file3.exe”)

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Change Log:


Main Window

VirusTotal Scanning Tasks

VirusTotal Scanning Tasks when you cross scan/minutes limits.

VirusTotal Scan Report List

Quick Process Scan Overlay Window

Download remote file and securely scan through VirusTotal

Networking Process  (Extra Tools) - New Design

New Desktop Notifications (Toast style)

Desktop Widget to quickly scan files through Drag & Drop.

License Creative Commons

2018/12/04 15:54 - Software Update